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Getting your customers to return isn`t just a case of fantastic service and great food. In a busy market where many restaurants are taking online reservations, everybody appreciates the speed and convenience of paperless administration, where nothing gets lost, or needs to be filed. 

Would you like to free up your staff from answering phones during rush periods and automate the diary in your restaurant? The great benefit of an online booking system means paperless administration for your restaurant and more time to keep an eye on customers.   Going paperless means that customers can simply log into your website,see what`s available immediately and book a table easily when the fancy takes them.  Receipts can be emailed, your database of customers expands quickly and there are many other ways in which paperless administration with online booking benefits the restaurant.  Customers appreciate paying online using their card at the table, and they also have the chance to give immediate feedback and online reviews which will give you valuable information, and ideas to make your service more of a pleasure for them.

With the information stored in the Cloud, Managers can see at a glance from the reporting modules what`s going on at any time, and your paperless administration system will also indicate when so many other vital tasks need doing, like ordering, cleaning rotas, etc; as a Manager it`s so easy to check on anything from a smartphone or tablet while you`re on the move. When so many other places are moving on to paperless administration, can you afford to be without it?  So check out our Online Demo here and come and talk to us about how moving on to online booking will benefit your business.