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24/7 Booking for Customers

You want people to book at your restaurant - so make it easy and quick for them to do so, and they will turn up more often.  These days, 50% of customers are booking their favourite restaurant online.  With 24/7 booking they can pick up the phone, tap in a few details and get a table booked in whenever they want.  With online booking your waiting staff are freed from answering phones at rush periods, writing notes in paper diaries and there are many other advantages with a paperless system.  Your booking system keeps complete records of customers which means you can boost sales and get people coming back to eat at your restaurant by contacting them by email every time you have a campaign or special offer, encouraging repeat business.  Check out our online Demo to see how it could work for your website.

24/7 booking gives your restaurant the advantage over others - saving stress on the chef, because your booking system takes care of rush periods, spreading out the load automatically, which frees up waiting staff to create a more relaxed dining experience.  When customers can book 24/7 from any smartphone or tablet, and see at a glance when a table will be free it takes the load of administration and record keeping off your hands.  You can build on your growing database to entice your customers to return with exciting offers and deals as and when they are available - to turn occasional visitors into regular customers.  

Our innovative solutions to the perennial pressures of restaurant bookings have been developed with restaurant staff and managers and are designed to cut through those crazy rush periods by automating time consuming procedures online for you with 24/7 booking and lots more.